From the Student Representative Council (SRC)


We have a long way to heal this nation, acknowledging the Stolen Generations and the ongoing forced removal of children across this country is an important step forward as a nation. Amending the constitution to recognise the presence of the First Australians 80,000+ years before the Europeans invaded along with raising awareness about the 437 Indigenous deaths in custody since 1991, the Australian nation will be able to take a step towards the reconciliation and healing of our fractured history. Measures such as the Uluru Statement from the Heart: or Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility Both outline clear and valuable first steps towards this reconciliation that all Australians may read and implement into their daily activities and reasonings. Racism is not limited to the individual choices of ‘bad people’. It is structural and embedded into all aspects of society-this includes laws, dominant cultural norms, and our very own consciousness. It is essential that we as privileged Australians living on stolen lands work hard every single day in order to progress as an equal nation where the First Nations people are acknowledged and admired.

As upper class privileged people, it is imperative that we not only endorse and applaud Indigenous peoples for their efforts and fight to achieve justice for their people and the 437 Black deaths in custody as those who attended the protest last Saturday did. But to further take up the cause ourselves as it is our system that is causing these deaths and numerous other issues for the Indigenous Australian communities. We need to understand that we not only need to reconcile with what we did to the Aboriginal People, but also change our way of life in order to incorporate the continuation of both reconciliations and work towards creating an Australia that not only sees its Indigenous culture as history but an active practice that we can incorporate into both laws and daily practice.