From The Principal

Week two is almost over and what a full and fulfilling week it has been at school. We have had a very smooth start to the school year and all of our teachers and students are quickly settling into the routine of the day and week.

I enjoyed a lovely visit down to kindergarten early in the week and was delighted to see some of our newest students playing, listening and exploring their new school surroundings. The kindergarten is such a gentle and joyful space where the experience of early childhood is really protected and nourished.

This morning it was wonderful to watch some of our Year 9 students playing running games with the Class 3 students during their recess break. Last year these High School students met and spent time with their Class 2 buddies and wrote and published story books for them. It was great to see that the relationships they built have continued and that they continue to want to spend time together.

I have been spending some time with the Year 7 class, during their maths lessons each week. I am so impressed with the way they have made the transition into the High School. We have been working hard to develop our transition program and the feedback this year is that the students are doing a great job in their new High School surroundings. Well done Year 7 students and thank you Brook and Joseph for supporting your Class so well.

Finally, some of our senior students will be heading over to Vietnam for a cultural study trip at the end of the term. They will be visiting a local school and an orphanage on their trip and are now fundraising and collecting items to give on their visit. Please see information from these students elsewhere in the bulletin and give support if you can. Learning how to gaze outwards and offer service to the wider world is a really important part of healthy adolescent growth and it would be great if we, as a community could support our students in this endeavour.