From the Principal

The wind is in the barley-grass
The wattles are in bloom
The breezes greet us as they pass
With honey-sweet perfume;
The parakeets go screaming by
With flash of golden wing,
And from the swamp the wild-ducks cry
Their long-drawn note of revelry
Rejoicing at the spring.


Isn’t it lovely to feel Spring in the air?

With the recent warmer mornings, the bright moon-lit nights and welcome rain too, it feels with nature’s offerings, we have much to feel grateful for!
One of the lovely times of day on our school site is late afternoon when everything gradually becomes quieter and quieter and the animals and birds come out to play.

It was just this time last Friday when something unexpected and magical happened. A very active, healthy Koala came bounding across the top green playground (much like a rabbit) and scampered up a tree…it sat and looked around…then climbed higher and took a flying leap to another tree. It leapt this way from tree to tree several times before climbing back down to the ground, sniffing at the Macadamia tree and ambling onto the brick path past my office, then it rabbit-hopped quickly past Class 3, towards Class 1 and over to the Eucalypt trees he was surely seeking! So special!

In Animal Dreaming, a book by Scott Alexander King, Koala represents Journeys – A sacred journey that is unique for everyone, an expedition that supports the individual needs and requirements of all people. Koala reassures us that we inherently know the answers to our questions. Koala can show us that now is the time to take responsibility for our own life, our own path and our own destiny by listening to our heart of hearts. With Koala dreaming, the potential for growth and transformation strengthens.

Happy Spring Days