From the Principal

It is so very lovely at present seeing children, big and small, frolicking together again, playing chase games and flying paper planes in our beautiful school grounds. After all the weeks of the school feeling empty and quiet, many teachers have expressed that hearing the joyful sounds of child’s play in the school again, is music to our ears.

Now that the Wintery coolness has arrived, chilly mornings and evenings encourage us to seek warmth and enjoy cosy times together with family. These cooler days are a time for children to come to school dressed warmly in the mornings, with bodies and legs clothed by layers, that can gradually peel off as the day warms up. Many children have been shivering at school in recent days, having dressed in light-weight shorts and t-shirts, which are not adequate for the season. Please be sure to check before leaving home that your child is wearing long pants or tights, a jumper or jacket and shoes and socks.

For many, this is a favourite time of year, as the days slowly grow shorter, the nightimes grow longer, doonas are fluffed, candles are lit, kindling and firewood are gathered and it is so special to sit by a fire with friends under the starry sky.

You may have heard of Hygge, the Danish word for this kind of comfortable, content, feeling of wellbeing and cosiness of the soul.

Hygge (Hoo-guh), invites closeness and makes us feel open-hearted and alive. Hygge is to drink cocoa by candlelight and enjoy life’s simple pleasures with family and friends.

May the cooler season be Hygge-ful for all!
Warm wishes

Teera Palmer
Acting Principal