From the Principal

Changes for 2020

Next year we will be welcoming Sophie Marino as our new Class One Teacher. In the High School, we will also be welcoming Ali Hounslow as our new Science Teacher. Both teachers bring a wonderful range of different experiences and skills and we look forward to welcoming them into our team.

Next year also marks the launch of a new leadership structure in the school. Teera Palmer will be taking on the more substantial role of Deputy Principal of the school, whilst we will have new leadership teams in both the K-6 and High School Faculties.

In the High School, Rachel Knight will be the Faculty Coordinator, Alix Johnson will be the Senior School Coordinator, Andrew Keisewetter will be the Behaviour Management Coordinator and Rachel Holt will be the Curriculum Coordinator.

In K-6, Marlis Griffiths will be the Assessment Coordinator whilst Matthew Reynolds will be the Curriculum Coordinator.

Both teams will be supported by Teera and will meet regularly with me to support strong leadership across the school.

I would like to thank Katie and Teera for the outstanding work they have done leading both faculties up until now, their hard work has played an important part in getting the school to the strong position it is in today.