From the Principal

Hello everyone,

As I write this, our school is abuzz (excuse the bee pun) with excitement about our Spring Fair. The team are working tirelessly to have everything ready for tomorrow and there is an air of excitement. Preparing for the Spring Fair is a big task taken on by the Class Three parents and a lot of time and energy is invested to ensure the day is a wonderful community event. I would like to thank and congratulate this year’s team, supported by Emma, for what they have achieved. These moments in the year when we come together as community are so very important. Not only do they help each of us to feel more connected, but they benefit the overall health of the school. Please do come along and enjoy our Spring Fair, I look forward to seeing you there.

Today, I was able to slip away from the preparations for a little while, along with some of our teachers, to support our students who were involved in the climate action in Byron Bay. It is so very important that our young people’s voices are heard on this vital issue. We educate them towards freedom of thought, towards being able to speak out for the common good and to be able to consider the ethics of the way we live our lives. I am immensely proud of our students and for the thoughtful, passionate and determined way they are speaking out about the future of life on our planet.