From the Principal

Hello everyone,

This week is the first ever Steiner Schools Week. A group of our Year 10 and 11 students have travelled to Samford Valley in Queensland to participate in the Australian Youth Conference, a Steiner based conference for young people with Social Renewal as its theme. Over 4 days, the students will explore different but pressing issues of our times. These will include racism and prejudice; political, religious and economic division; world conflict; indigenous perspectives; minority groups’ Australian and world-wide response to refugees; climate change and its impact on our environment’ sustainability’ education and imagining the future; the role of the Arts; money and ethical business. With the theme of the 100 year anniversary celebrations for Steiner education being “Learn to Change the World”… this youth conference seems appropriate and timely.

I am aware that a number of our High School students have also been working on the next climate change action, which will occur on the 20th of September. This is our Spring Fair set-up day and a pupil-free day, so there will be no change or disruption to school on that day, however I know that a number of our students will be out making their voices heard on this very important topic. In my conversations with our students, I have found them to be reasoned, clear and passionate about their motivation for action and I support the message they are bringing.

In other news, we have received some great responses to our parent survey, which will be open for another week. Please do go to the link and complete the survey if you haven’t already done so. Further information about the survey can be found later in the bulletin. Once all of the survey results are in, we will be forming working groups to create some action plans for change. One of the clear themes that came out of our World Cafe evening was that of the need for clearer and more accessible forms of communication. I have been working with our wonderful ICT department on this and am really pleased to say that we will be introducing a new, user-friendly mechanism and process for communication either later this year or early next year (it will encompass everything from notices and messages to excursion approvals and access to the parent lounge as well as quick and easy access to our newsletters, calendars and student timetables.) I will provide more information about this as we draw closer to the launch date, but in the meantime, please be assured, we are working hard to create better pathways for communication across our school.

Finally, as this beautiful, vibrant spring energy courses through us, we feel the busyness of this time of the year. I encourage everyone to pause every now and again to notice the new growth on plants, the beautiful night sky, the glorious sunrises and the increase in activity for our animal and insect friends. Our children need these pauses too – it is truly a beautiful time of the year to stop and notice what is happening in the natural world around us. This pause also allows us to align with the natural cycles of our world and, in doing so, find a calm and centred space within ourselves.