From the Principal

Hello everyone,

Our very busy term has come to a lovely end with many special activities happening in and around the school in the last two weeks. Our Winter festivals have been lovely celebrations of this very special part of our annual journey. In the High School, our Year 9 and 10 students beautifully showcased their elective work this week and tonight is our annual Bush Dance (organised by our hard-working Class 5 and 6 parents).

In addition to this, we have had the very great privilege of having Valentine Wember in our school this week. Valentine Wember is an extremely highly experienced Steiner Teacher who has spent many years deeply researching in relation to Steiner Education. He has published a number of wonderful books and is a very gifted speaker. Valentine has given talks, joined our study group, met with teachers, the Chairs of the College of Teachers and the leadership team and has even found the time to work with a couple of our teachers individually. Next week, Valentine will be the keynote speaker at the National Steiner Teachers’ Conference, which is a booked-out event being held in our school next week. We are so very lucky to have had time with Valentine this week.

On another night, an absolute highlight this week was when two of our wonderful art teachers, Denis and Eleni came to present the school with the magnificent artworks they have created in recognition of 100 years of Steiner Education. Eleni created a magnificent charcoal portrait of Rudolf Steiner, capturing the love and wisdom that Steiner brought to the world. Denis created a sculpture of Rudolf Steiner which deeply evokes Steiner’s wisdom, authority and great will in creating the foundations for Steiner Education in the world. The sculpture of Steiner contains the beautiful quote, “Teachers are Sculptors of Souls.”
I was moved to tears by the beauty of these two magnificent works of art and they will take pride of place down in the hall whilst the conference is on.

I wish you all a safe and enjoyable term break and look forward to seeing all our students back bright, healthy and well-rested next term. (Our teachers will all still be here next week, attending the conference – their rest is still just a little way off.

Peace, Nerrida