From the Principal


I hope everyone had an enjoyable term break, it is always lovely to see the children streaming back into the school after a break, looking refreshed but happy to be back. 

This morning as I drove down the ‘big hill’ on my  way to work, I stopped at the lookout to watch the sun rise over Byron Bay.  The mist was floating through the valley and the breeze was gentle, cool and fresh.  I took time to reflect on our experience of autumn in this little part of the world.  We don’t have the brilliant, flaming oranges and reds of leaf change that symbolise autumn in cooler climates, nor do we have the dramatic change in temperature and daylight hours experienced in places further from the equator.  Instead, our experience is more subtle.  The light quality changes as the sun stays a little closer to the horizon.  We experience soft, morning mists and dewdrops sparkling on the spider-webs in the early daylight hours.  The insects calm and settle from their summer frenzy and our reptile friends can be seen in patches of sunlight (and on the top of my passionfruit vine at home), enjoying the warmth of the soft, autumn sun.  Inwardly, we also experience a subtle softening and calming.  The slightly uncomfortable feeling that characterises the early autumnal ‘coming in’  is now starting to settle and we can really enjoy the experience of autumn.  I encourage you to take some quiet time to tune in and become aware of your own experience of autumn, it really is a lovely time of the year.

On another note, I am really excited about starting a new study group this week.  This term, on Tuesday mornings, I will be facilitating a discussion/study group looking at Steiner’s ‘Kingdom of Childhood’ lectures.  These are an excellent introduction to Steiner Education and provide a good foundation for understanding the philosophy behind Steiner education.  Each week we will look at one of the lectures and there will be a lot of opportunity for discussion and questions.  Participants are encouraged to attend for the whole series, however if you can’t make it every week, that’s ok too.  We also have a study group operating at the school every Tuesday night (the group started with ‘The Kingdom of Childhood’ last year and is now meeting regularly and working through a range of texts and lectures).  If you would like information about either of the study groups, please contact Yvette in the office.