From the Principal

Hello everyone,

As I write this the wind is howling and the rain is pouring down – it seems our wet season may finally have arrived. With the extended dry season there has been a real feeling of longing for the wet and then the cooler, less bright and sparkling atmosphere which heralds the turn towards autumn. In the last couple of weeks, as the humidity has built and the weather has become more unsettled, I have noticed this reflected in my own feelings and in the people around me. It is really worth noticing and acknowledging the effect of the cycle of the seasons on all of us – and in noticing, we become a little more patient and understanding (with ourselves and others).

This week saw the High School Swimming Carnival taking place at Mullumbimby. It was wonderful to see the high level of enthusiasm and participation on the day. It is a real theme of our High School that students are expected to participate in all events in the life of the School. This really helps to build a sense of belonging and community. I was particularly impressed to see the way our senior students were leading, encouraging and caring for the younger students.

This week I have really enjoyed watching our Primary students playing during break times. The creativity and vibrancy of play is wonderful to watch. In one corner of the garden, ‘horses’ are galloping around chasing each other and leaping through the air, in another corner there is some serious trade happening in the shop, where macadamia nuts can be purchased for the price of a piece of bark. Meanwhile on the monkey bars, children are swinging hand over hand as they attempt to cross a river full of crocodiles! This rich, imaginative play is absolutely essential to the developing child and will be the source of much growth and development through into adulthood.

Down in the Kindergartens, our newest students are settling in to their new routines really well. As this is our first year where there is no younger group of children, the classes seem to be settling relatively quickly. Emily and Jenny (supported by Elizabeth and Anat), do a wonderful job of helping the children settle into the gentle daily routine of Kindergarten.

Finally, this week I met with the small group of parents and friends who have put up their hands to help organise our Centennial Ball (which will happen in May). We are very excited about this really special social event in the life of the school. We are planning a wonderful evening of celebration and I encourage you to put the date in your diary now (you can find the details further down in this bulletin).