From the Principal

Hello everyone,

Today marked the end of HSC exams in the school. I am so proud of the way our senior class students have conducted themselves in this, their final year of schooling with us. I would also like to express my gratitude to students, teachers and members of our school community who have shown such consideration to these students; moving quietly through the school whilst exams were in progress. Whilst it can feel a little disruptive to the school, it is so supportive to our Year 12 students for them to be able to sit the exams in the school environment.

In the High School this term, we have welcomed Andrew Keiseweter, our new Mathematics teacher and Head of our Maths Department. Andrew will also take up the role of Class Guardian, alongside Rachel Holt, for Year 7 next year. Andrew brings with him a wealth of experience (I am also told he is a mighty-fine basketball coach).

In the Primary School, we welcomed Susan Gould, our new Eurythmy teacher. Susan is currently working with Class 1 and 2 students and this will extend across the Primary School next year. Susan is a very skilled and experienced Eurythmy teacher as well as being a trained educator. Susan is also offering Eurythmy classes for parents and teachers. It really is wonderful to have Eurythmy back in our school!

As I am writing this, there are some very excited Class 2 students, about to have their very first ‘camp’ experience with a sleepover at the school. They will build on this experience over the coming years as they engage with our comprehensive camps program which culminates in the Kakadu experience in Year 11. Camps are such an important part of their education experience. On camps they learn new social skills, develop independence, problem solve in real life situations, experience varied landscapes and cultures, learn just how much they are capable and immerse themselves fully in the awe of our natural landscape. Tonight is just the beginning for our Class Two children!

We are heading towards the very busy downhill run to the end of the year now. This means there is a lot happening around the school and many people juggling multiple tasks. It is important in this busy, sometimes frazzled time, that we all stop every now and again, take a deep breath and remember that everything we do is done with the wonderful children and young people who are entrusted to us at the very centre. What a privilege to have such a role to play in the life of a child!