From the Principal

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to a new term. As always, it was wonderful to see our students returning this week, full of smiles and stories from their break.

We finished last term with a flurry of activity. Our Spring Fair was an absolutely wonderful day (with the weather gods smiling on us). There was a beautiful feeling of community as we celebrated the past, present and future of our lovely school. I must admit to feeling quite emotional when some of our school founders and past students stepped forward out of the crowd. We owe those founders and first students so much!

It was also a great opportunity to show people through our new innovation centre. It was a privilege to reveal the name given to our new building by Arakwal Elder, Aunty Delta, The Ga Ngaa Lee La Innovation Centre. Ga Ngaa Lee La (pronounced gunga lay lah) means “think, listen, understand” – an appropriate name for such a beautiful learning space.

We had several videos running during the Spring Fair; including a video about the history of the school, a video with messages from our Alumni and also a video about the construction of the Ga Ngaa Lee La Innovation Centre. These videos have now been uploaded to our website, I encourage you to have a look!

We finished the term with our beautiful Graduation Ceremony for our Year 12 students. What an amazing group of young people they are! I always find the graduation time to be a time of great hope for the world. I look at our wonderful students and feel happy that they have the capacity, creativity and confidence to step out into the world and make a real difference. I have included a copy of my graduation address to the students later in this bulletin.

Our HSC students have now started their exams and so I ask you all to have some awareness and consideration as you move around the school whilst students are sitting their exams. A quiet and calm environment is the most healthy environment when sitting an exam.

On a final note, we have decided to hold our planned Ball next year (in May) as fourth term is just too filled with events already. Planning is now underway and we are planning to have a wonderful Centennial Ball – celebrating 100 years of Steiner Education in Australia. If you would like to join our little planning group, please do let me know. We are currently at the exciting ideas and possibilities stage of planning and would love some additional input.