From the Principal

Hello everyone,

There is such a lot happening at the school at the moment that it is sometimes difficult to find the time to stop and take notice of the little things. So today I would like to recognise some of those little things happening in our school.

The Class Three children have been busy building a beautiful little shop outside their classroom. This project has been a delight to watch over the last few weeks. I am looking forward to seeing some wonderful trading happening once the shop is up and running.

The food gardens across the school are looking wonderful. Between Evan in the primary school and Pete Palmer in the High School, our students are being wonderfully supported as they develop the gardens, tend the plants and harvest the produce.

Class 5 and 6 have been hard at work on the beautiful mosaic project down in the amphitheatre. The wall is filling with wonderful plants and animals and the project is progressing beautifully with the skilful guidance of Tanja Nelson and a small team of dedicated parents.

In both the Primary and High Schools, our learning support teachers (Marlis and Gael) have been doing some wonderful work with students, teachers and families to ensure our students have the best possible opportunity to learn and develop right across the learning spectrum.

Meanwhile, in Admin, Yvette, our Enrolments Officer, has just started the enrolment process for Kindergarten in 2019. This is never an easy task as we know we won’t be able to offer places to everyone who wants to come. Yvette works hard to ensure our process is clear, fair and transparent to all involved.

From the ‘little things’ to the very big thing happening in our school at the moment……. our building is tracking well to be finished and open early next term. Our architect, Michael Leung and his team, and builder, Glen Field are doing a wonderful job and we are really excited about welcoming our community into the new building soon.

A huge thank you to those who have donated to our building fund so far. As you are no doubt aware, we are fundraising to build a covered walkway into the school between the new building and the performance hall. We desperately need a sheltered space at the entrance to the school and this will fill that need. Thus far we have fundraised about half of the money needed – we are still approximately $15,000 short of the total needed to complete the project. Donations to our building fund are tax deductible and you can find the link to make a donation later in this bulletin. Please help us to complete this important project – any donation at all is very much appreciated.