From the Principal

Hello everyone,

With the arrival of the rain and cooler weather, it has certainly felt like Autumn is coming. With the beginning of Autumn, we turn and take the first steps on the inward journey which takes us all the way from the outer experiences of mid summer (a way to think of this is to think about the feeling of the very active outward social and environmental experiences we have during summer) to the deep and quiet inner experience of mid winter. As we begin that journey, we often meet those parts of ourselves that perhaps we have been able to ignore over the summer months. This can feel a bit uncomfortable and we often find Autumn is a time where children can experience some more unsettled social interactions in the playground. Interestingly though, it can also be a time when students really settle down in class and get some solid work done (perhaps this relates more to the cooler, more comfortable weather than anything else). As adults, autumn is a great time to reflect on our own experiences of ourselves. What ‘pushes our buttons’? What things are difficult to deal with and where do we feel real strength and clarity in our own being?

Preparations are underway for our Autumn Festival. Unfortunately, this year the Autumn Festival will be a students-only event. This is because of the difficulties with parking on-site whilst the building project is taking up so much of our car park – there are simply not enough car parks left and this problem is compounded if the weather has been wet, as cars cannot park on the grassed areas. Festivals are such an important part of the life of our school community and the decision to have a students-only Autumn Festival was not taken lightly. We are, however, planning to have our big Winter Festival (3-12) off-site so that our school community can participate so please mark the date of Thursday 21st June into your diaries as it will be a very special school community festival.

Finally, I have started calling parents from across the school to talk about their experiences of the school; the things we are doing well and the things we could do better. I have received some terrific feedback and really enjoyed some very insightful conversations. Thank you to those parents who have so generously shared their experiences and ideas. I will continue this process throughout this year and look forward to having the opportunity to speak to many more of you. Aside from the phone-calls, if members of the school community have any thoughts, ideas, feedback or inspirations about the school, please don’t hesitate to email me at .