From the Principal

Hello everyone,

How wonderful it is to have everyone back at school to start the new Year. There has been such a lot of work happening around our school site over the holiday break, with an extension to the roof of the Class Three Building, a new office for the Director Primary K-6 (next to the Class Three Building), an all over deep clean of the school, servicing of many of our systems and work around our gardens (including the removal of a number of storm-damaged trees). Of course, the most noticeable change is the beginning of construction of our new Innovation Centre in the High School. It would be fair to say we have all had to be a bit flexible in the first two weeks of term to cope with two active building sites on the school property. Fortunately, Teera’s office should be completed in the next couple of days, so at least things should settle down a little in the Primary part of the school.

As you are all by now aware, one of the impacts of the big building project is that we have temporarily lost a large number of spaces in the car park and have thus had to introduce a ‘drop and ride’ system for those children who do not catch the bus. We have rostered additional staff on to manage this system, particularly in the afternoon. Thank you to those parents using the system for your patience as we gradually iron out the ‘kinks’ in the system.

I enjoyed meeting Kindergarten, Class One and new parents at two morning teas last week. It was great to meet and catch up with some new and familiar faces. The Kindergarten teachers tell me that their new classes are settling in well and Naina is working gently and steadily to bring her new class together. Settling into a new school or a new class can take some time so please do talk to your child’s teacher if your child is experiencing any challenges.

There have not been major changes to staffing this year, however we are very happy to welcome Stuart Baker as our new High School Camps Coordinator and Primary School Bothmer Gym teacher and Penny Van Den Hoek as my new PA. Please do say hello to them if you see them around the school, they are both valued and skilled additions to our staff.

Finally, this year I will be telephoning a number of school families each week to touch base and check in with how your experience with the school is going. I look forward to talking to you and listening to your feedback.