From the Principal

Hello everyone,

It is the first day of Summer, the weather is sultry, wet, humid and stormy and this seems to be a good description of the world around us (if our only view of the world is to be taken from the media). It is worth remembering, however, that people from many different faiths and beliefs from all over the world are preparing to celebrate a special time of the year. The central theme of all of these different celebrations is one of hope – something very much needed at this time. As I look around the school, I see signs of this hope everywhere. Our Kindergarten students are looking hopefully through the arch and into the Primary School, knowing their time at Kindy is drawing to a close and soon they will begin the next part of their journey. Our Class 6 students have had their transition evening and are now packing their classroom ready for the move into the High School, They are filled with hopes and dreams for the next stage of their journey. And in the High School, the HSC students have had their final school event, a lovely formal evening at the Beach Cafe. This was truly a celebration of gratitude for the past and hope for the future. Our teachers are also busy in the task of writing reports – a celebration of each child’s journey and a statement of hope for their future learning, growth and development. I invite you to find some other signs of hope around you and take the time to honour and celebrate these.

This week marked a very special moment in our school’s history. Staff gathered together for a special afternoon tea to farewell Julie McVeigh. Julie has been an important part of CBRSS for 14 years. She has taken many leadership roles within the school, as well as shepherding a whole generation of children (and their families) into a Steiner Education at our school. I presented Julie with a beautiful painting (commissioned especially from Eleni) and James Dods (Chair of the Board) presented a special gift from the Board in recognition of Julie’s service as a Board Member and a leader in the school. We will be sad to see Julie go, but I know we will all see her legacy continuing in the school for many years to come.

Finally, preparations are in the final stages for our annual Christmas Market. Please do save the date in your calendar (next Friday 8th May) and join us for a lovely community event to celebrate this special time of the year.

You may have noticed that we have not had a bulletin for a few weeks, this is because the dreaded bug struck our lovely Admin Office and both Yvette (who writes the Bulletin) and I were quite unwell for a number of days. We are both now back on deck and hope you will understand the reason for the delay.