From the Principal

Hello everyone,

We finished our school year on a note of celebration with a wonderful High School showcase night, some very entertaining Class plays, a beautiful Christmas concert and our annual Christmas Market, High School and Primary School celebration outings and a beautiful Kindergarten Christmas Festival. What a wonderful last couple of weeks!

Our HSC students received their results this week and we are very proud of the achievements of each of our students. In a class of 25 students, 14 Band 6 results (over 90) and 61 Band 5 (over 80) results were recorded for the school. Students demonstrated outstanding results in drama, with eight out of 12 students receiving scores of over 90. One of our Drama groups were selected for OnStage, 2016. Visual Art results were also extremely strong with two Band 6 results on top of three nominations to Art Express earlier this term. A number of students also received Band 6 results in English Extension 1 and 2, D and T and PDHPE.

You may have heard one of our students, Jasmine Pierce, interviewed on ABC radio this week after she achieved an exceptional result of a 100% for English Extension 2. Congratulations to Jasmine on this outstanding achievement.

I am very proud of every single one of our HSC students. Not only did they achieve excellent academic results, but they are now ready to step out as self aware, resourceful and resilient young people who have the empathy, skills and initiative to make a positive contribution to the world.

I would like to close the year by thanking our wonderful teaching staff who have worked tirelessly all year to provide outstanding learning opportunities for our students. The depth of the care for their students and their commitment to the highest levels of teaching practice is truly inspiring. I would like to thank all of our support staff for their dedication and professionalism – they provide such wonderful support to our teachers and truly keep the wheels of our school turning! I would like to thank the Management Team, Katie and Teera, for their dedication, support and tireless work to ensure the Primary and High School faculties run smoothly.

Thank you to the Board, with James Dods at the helm, for your support and wise governance. Thank you to Tanja, Lisa and Sarah for your dedication to the Parents and Friends Association and for providing a space for parents to have a real voice in the school.

Finally, thank you to all of the parents in our school community. It is a wonderful thing that we can work in partnership to support and educate these incredible young human beings. It is an honour and a privilege to undertake this task with you.

Please everyone have a safe, joyful and peaceful summer break. I look forward to seeing everyone back at school in the New Year.