From The Principal

Hello everyone,
This week I was having a discussion with some parents and teachers about what makes a healthy school community and how we can work to build this.  One of the central pillars of “community” is involvement and participation.  There are many opportunities for parents to get involved at our school.  At the class level, there are reading programs, craft programs, class meetings and other projects and activities.  There are also festivals, showcases and special occasions like this week’s Book Week celebrations (more about that later).
Another part of having a healthy school community is having clear communication and opportunity for dialogue, discussion and debate.  There are a number of forums for this within the school, including our regular Friday markets (where members of the management team and the Board are frequently in attendance and happy to talk), the Chai Tent (organised by the P&F as an opportunity to relax over a cup of chai and have a chat with me), monthly P&F meetings (the Chair of the Board and I try to always attend these meetings), the AGM and Special General Meetings of the Association and various surveys, bulletins, class meetings and community events.
The responsibility for building and maintaining a healthy school community rests with all of us.  The challenge is for each of us to get involved and play a part in the continuous forming of our wonderful school.  When we are working side by side for the common good, when we are communicating clearly, positively and openly, then we are working in a healthy community.
This week we had a lovely example of our primary school community coming together to celebrate Book Week.  The students (and teachers) really look forward to this event and love the opportunity to dress up as their favourite character.  I am sure there were a few parents (and teachers) up late on Wednesday night organising costumes.  This year the teachers chose the theme of “Winnie the Pooh” for the celebration.  It’s not often that I get the chance to dress up and have some fun …. so I jumped at the chance to be Kanga (sorry about the pun).
I hope to see some of you at the Repair, Care and Maintenance day at the school tomorrow.