From The Principal

Hello everyone,

It seems that there is a hint of the coming Spring in the air.  The weather seems just a bit warmer, the grass is a bit greener and the plovers nesting in the grass in my front yard are fiercely protecting their babies.   Meanwhile at school, the Spring Fair preparations are in full swing with raffle tickets selling, gardening activities happening and preparations underway for the great Spring Fair Pickle-off.
The feeling as we move out of the quiet, reflective time of winter, is one of hope, vitality and lightness.  For the younger children, it can be a time of extra energy and testing new boundaries (think of new lambs playing and jumping in the sunshine).  As I look around the playground in the kindergarten and the primary school, that is exactly the image that can be seen as children laugh, play and test out new boundaries in the warm sunshine.
Another sign that Spring is just around the corner is that it is time to spruce up our school again on Saturday at our Repair, Care and Maintenance Day.  This is a terrific opportunity to join together  with other members of our school community to give the school grounds some extra, tender, loving care.  There are jobs to suit everybody and you can come for a little while or stay for the whole day.  The difference in our school is really noticeable after an R.C & M day.  Being part of a school community isn’t just about paying fees or coming to a job, it’s also about joining together to contribute to something wonderful and worthwhile.  I hope to see many of you there.
Finally, there are a few illnesses travelling around the school at the moment (chicken pox, viruses and colds).  If your child is unwell, please keep them home until they are better.  This will serve the two-fold purpose of allowing them a speedier recovery and also helping stop the further spread of the illness.