From The Principal

Hello everyone,

The school has been a hive of activity this week.  We have welcomed a number of new students to our classes since the beginning of this term and it has been wonderful to see excited families beginning their journey with us.
Julie and Teera have been conducting Kindergarten interviews over the last few days and should soon be able to advise parents in relation to kindergarten enrolments for next year.  This is always a difficult process as we know we only have a limited number of places each year and some families will miss out.  Yvette, Teera and Julie work with great care, integrity and sensitivity in this process.
Class 6 students presented their play to a very appreciative audience this week.  The process of putting on a play is not only a lot of fun, but it provides great opportunities for growth and learning.  The days leading up the play often include the tension of forgotten lines, prop and wardrobe malfunctions and last minute changes to the script.  Then, finally the play comes together and the students have a wonderful sense of both group and individual achievement.  Working through the challenges and finally presenting the play is a wonderful resilience building exercise for students (and the teacher!).
In the High School, students and some teachers have been involved in a lip syncing competition at lunch times.  This has been organised as a house event and the participation has been inspiring.  It is wonderful seeing students so confident and comfortable performing in front of their peers.
Everywhere I look, across the school, I see teachers who are utterly dedicated to their students and their practice.  This dedication translates into happy, engaged students who really want to be at school.
Finally, today I spent some time looking at our hive of native bees.  I regularly go down to the hive when I need a break from the office.  The bees are a little slower and less active in the colder weather.  They huddle at the entrance to the hive, watching the slow procession of bees march down the landing board and take off in search of pollen for the hive.  If you have some spare moments at the school, please do go down and have a look at the hive.  It is in the garden outside the Class 3 room.