From The Principal

Hello everyone,

I have had a wonderful week this week, meeting with parents and teachers in a range of forums at school. On Monday night I attended the regular Board meeting where I worked with the Directors on a range of issues relating to the current and future operations of the school.  On Tuesday night I joined with our regular study group to discuss the Steiner lectures we are currently studying.  On Wednesday I met with a group of parents to share thoughts and ideas about the vision, mission and values of the school and then on Wednesday night I joined with Gael and Andy to meet with Class 9 parents. This morning I had a wonderful meeting with Tanja and Lisa from the P&F.   I love having the opportunity to meet and talk with members of the school community and this has been a particularly fruitful week.
In order to provide further opportunities for communication with the school community the P&F and generously offered to organise a Chai tent at the Friday markets where you can come and catch up with me over a lovely cup of chai.  I will be available to answer any questions and also to talk about current issues, plans and activities in the school.  The first chai tent event will be on the Friday market on 7th August.   For those parents who are unable to come to this event, but would like an opportunity to catch up with me in an informal setting, I will also be available for questions and discussion following the P&F meeting on Monday 7th September.  Of course, if you need to communicate at any other time, please feel free to call, email or set up an appointment to come and see me.
Finally, just a reminder that I sent out the link to our school survey via email earlier this week.  If you have not yet completed the survey, please do take some time to share your thoughts and ideas as we will be using some of this information to help us to plan for future improvement across the school.  In case you did not receive the email, the link for the parent survey is . The link to the student survey is  Your assistance in completing this survey would be very much appreciated.