From The Principal

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new term. I hope everyone had an enjoyable term break. As always, it was wonderful to see our students bringing the school back to life after their break.

This week we welcomed a group of our senior students back from their trip to Vietnam. They all look tired, but are filled to the brim with stories of adventures, experiences and encounters from their visit to a country with such a different culture to our own. We hope to make this valuable learning experience available to students every two years. I am grateful to Rachel Knight and Katie Biggin for putting so much effort into organising this camp and for giving up some of their holiday time to travel with our students. I look forward to seeing some of their stories in next week’s bulletin.

Over the last few weeks I have enjoyed watching some of our senior primary students running around the school as they practise for the upcoming cross country running event. This event, shared with the High School, is an important part of our sporting calendar and a great opportunity for students to train and participate in a fun physical activity together.

Lastly, my visit to the Goetheanum to participate in the ‘Transitions’ conference was a a wonderful experience. The workshops I presented were booked out with participants from all over the world. It was a wonderful experience to spend time with educators, researchers and medical practitioners from the global Steiner community. I will be giving a version of the workshops I presented, for both parents and teachers, later this term.