From The Principal

One of the things that still amazes me about our climate is the way Autumn just seems to arrive overnight. Whilst we are still getting warm days (sometimes even quite hot days), the nights are cooler and there is often dew on the grass in the mornings. With the change of the seasons, comes a change in our own beings as we “come in” from the summer experience of being out in the cosmos (think of the bbqs, parties, camps, travel and social life of the summer months). As we start the movement back in towards the quieter, more reflective times of winter, we often can feel a little unsettled as we “meet ourselves” again and have to deal with our thoughts and feelings, and reflections about ourselves and others.

As teachers, we often find Autumn a time when there are playground disputes and flare-ups and when social relationships between children can be a bit tested. The teachers in the primary school work with this by sharing stories with the children which demonstrate courage and the finding of strength and integrity to do what is right and good (the story of St George and the Dragon is a good example of this). As adults we can lead by example, trying to find our own courage, integrity and strength to deal with the issues that confront and unsettle us. This is truly an interesting, sometimes challenging time of the year and one that offers great opportunities for growth and learning.

This week I hosted a morning tea for our Year 12 students. It was lovely to spend some time with our senior students, chatting about their studies and their experiences as they move towards their last months at the school. I am struck by their maturity and the way they hold the lovely balance between confidence in who they are and uncertainty, excitement and determination as they move towards the end of their days at Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School.