From The Principal

After our unexpected long weekend, it was really lovely to get back to a full week of school with some sunshine to help.  Whilst the rain on Friday was not quite as heavy as expected (thankfully) there were still a number of families and teachers who experienced flooding near their homes.  We will always take the advice of the local SES and the AIS when it comes to predicted severe weather events and, in the case of last week, the advice was very clearly to close for the day.

In the last week I have been fortunate enough to attend two High School events where our students have had opportunities to show leadership.  The Swimming Carnival provides many opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership, sportsmanship and camaraderie.  Congratulations to those Year 12 students particularly, who came along to the carnival, participated fully and showed a fine example for the younger students.  I know that several of the students had important assignments due, but still turned up and put in a great effort.  The other event I attended was the High School Assembly.  Our senior students usually host the assemblies and do so with wonderful poise and humour.

Finally, it is great to see so many parents attending class meetings across all levels of the school.  These meetings are such an important avenue for communication between teachers and parents and help to keep the partnerships between school and home strong.   Our teachers put quite a bit of work into preparing for the meetings and I know they are always pleased to see a good turn-out.