From the Principal

The newsletter is coming to you a bit early this week as we have had to make the decision to close the school tomorrow (Friday) due to a forecasted severe weather event with heavy rains and flash flooding predicted. It is not an easy decision to close the whole school down for a day, however we have been advised by both the SES and the AIS that this is what we should do. Safety will always be at the forefront of school decisions and, in this case, the safer decision is not to have our children out on the roads tomorrow. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause parents and hope you all stay safe and dry tomorrow.

We do have a Year 8 camp due to head out next week. Katie, Ric and I will talk tomorrow evening and make a decision about whether this will need to be postponed (depending on how the weather situation develops over the next 24 hours). Parents of Year 8 students will be notified of any changes over the weekend.

This morning I attended the Primary School assembly. As this regular event is something most parents do not get to experience, I thought I might provide you with a little glimpse into what happens. The children all line up in their classes outside the Performance Hall. They are very quiet and there is an air of expectation. When all is ready, the Class 6 ushers lead each class into the hall in silence. This morning Loani was playing a very beautiful and gentle song quietly on the piano as the children walked in. After a lovely song together, a candle is lit and each class provides an item for the centre table: flowers, a shell, a beautiful rock or a special little ornament – soon the table is a thing of beauty gracing the centre of the room. After this, two Class 6 students read the Acknowledgement of Country before introducing each class. Each class brings a small presentation as a gift to the assembled student – a song, a verse, a dance or some music. The assembly finishes with some announcements from teachers, introductions of new students (and teachers) to the school and a final song together with Loani. After this the special items from the centre table are returned to each class and they file out of the hall, quietly singing. During the whole assembly there is a beautiful air of reverence and respect. The Primary School teachers have worked hard to create this special feeling in the assemblies and it is truly a privilege to witness them.