From The Principal

As February rolls on and we are experiencing the lovely wet-season patterns of rain and warm sunshine, life in the school is now settling into our lovely school day and week patterns. Students are more settled in their classroom routines and we are all enjoying the gentle rhythms of work, activity, stillness and play (yes, even the teachers and support crew love to have some moments of play in our day).

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Kindergarten parent meeting last week. There were many familiar faces and a few new faces too. The parent meeting structure we have all across the school ensures that parents can come together at least twice a year (and sometimes more often) to be updated on what is happening at school, share with other parents and, often, listen to a short talk in relation to child development or our educational philosophy. The Class Meetings are also an opportunity to ask questions and, time and circumstance permitting, join in discussion around a range of topics. The class meetings really are an important part of the relationship between school and parents and I very strongly encourage parents to attend.

Finally, this year we are focusing on ‘Sustainability’ as a general theme. There are already some changes happening across the school as we seek to find more sustainable pathways on an individual and school level. Some of our teachers and support staff are choosing to car-pool to reduce their carbon emissions. I would like to encourage parents to consider either car-pooling or, preferably, utilising the bus service to transport children to school. If we can reduce the number of car trips to and from school, even by just a small amount, we can reduce our impact on the environment.