From The Principal

Welcome back to the new school year. It was wonderful to see our students arriving back to school with big smiles, stories of holiday adventures and excitement about the year ahead. For the teachers and support staff who have been working to prepare the school, the return of the students is such an exciting and happy time – our school comes to life when our students are here.


We finished last year on such a high note, with incredible HSC results and a graduating class who really made us proud. This year started on an equally positive note. The Class One students were so excited to walk up the hill and enter their new classroom one by one to present their new teacher, Teresa, with a rose and join the circle as Class One children. The ceremony was very moving, with accompanying music (thank you Loani, Robbie and Ian for the violin, cello and flute accompaniment) and beautifully reverent children. Teera and I may even have had to wipe away a tear or two.

We welcome our new teachers, Teresa in Class One, Mat in Class Six and Andy in the High School Maths Department. We also welcome Lucille into our Administration Team as our new receptionist.


This will be an exciting and busy term. There will be a introduction morning tea for new families next Monday. I look forward to meeting our new families, having a chat and answering any questions about the school. The morning tea will be held in the canteen area, please ask at reception if you don’t know where to go.

At the end of the term, I will 
be presenting a workshop at
 the International conference, “Transitions in Childhood -
from Birth to 14 Years”, at the Goetheanum in Switzerland.
(The Goetheanum is the world centre for Anthroposophically based activities, including Steiner Education.) The workshop I will 
be presenting will be about how 
to work with the changes which occur in the child between the ages of 8 and 10 years. It is an honour and an exciting opportunity to be asked to do this (and just a little bit terrifying for me). I hope to be able to present a version of the workshop for our own community in Term Two.


Finally, the College of Teachers 
has decided that this year our whole school initiative this year will be focused on Sustainability – for the individual, the school, the community and our planet. We will be working on ways to improve our sustainability on all of these levels, with our staff meeting to create some initial action plans next week. As one way of trying
 to act in a more personally sustainable way, we will be continuing our striving to create a more sustainable work-life balance for staff by asking that staff not send or reply to emails at night or on the weekends wherever possible. (Of course we are always willing to respond to absolute emergencies as they arise). I ask that parents also consider this and try not to send school based emails to staff members at night or on weekends (and please consider carefully whether an email needs to be sent at all). Ideally, all emails to teaching staff members should be sent through the reception email address reception@, rather than to teachers’ individual email addresses. Your support with this initiative will help to make our staff members’ lives a little more sustainable.

I look forward to catching up with as many parents as possible at upcoming Class Meetings, Friday markets and at the many school events which happen during the year. If you have any feedback, ideas or issues to discuss, I am happy to talk with you.

Peace Nerrida