From the Principal


Hello everyone,

It’s great to be back for a busy and exciting fourth term. There are so many activities happening around the school over the coming weeks that it can be hard to keep up. Please keep an eye on the calendar on our website for upcoming events and please also log in regularly to the parent portal as we have sent out quite a few permission notes for various classes over the last few days.

I always love coming back to see the children at the beginning of fourth term as they all seem to have grown and changed, with the pull from the future of the next year level evident.

Our 2016 HSC students are now in the process of sitting their final exams. As the exams take place on our school site (much less stressful for the students than having to attend an external exam hall), it does require some care and consideration from all in our school community when an exam is in progress. Thank you for your patience and care so far, I know our Year 12 students really appreciate it.

You will note, later in the bulletin, that we are proposing some changes to the Primary School Dress Code next year. In essence, there are two proposed changes, the first is to introduce a good quality, broad-brimmed sun hat and make this compulsory. These hats will come in a range of colours, will be inexpensive and will be available for purchase from the office. The second change is that Primary students must wear a plain t-shirt (short or long sleeved) in one of the rainbow colours or a school t-shirt (available in a range of colours and with the school logo on it). These changes are being proposed following feedback from parents and teachers in relation to the variation in the quality of sun hats available and being worn by children and some of the challenges both parents and teachers are having with children wearing inappropriate tops and shirts to school. I encourage you to send in your feedback in relation to this as we really do want to make sure we have a Primary Dress Code that suits the needs of the school and the school community.

Finally, thank you to Teera, Katie, the Administration Crew, Teachers and Support Crew for ‘holding the fort’ whilst I was on leave. The school is in great shape and I have returned feeling refreshed and energised.