From the Co-Heads of School

To resolve our past
Requires knowledge.
To forge our future
We need courage.
To experience the present
We must develop dedication.
Our thinking needs
Riddles to wake up.
Our feeling needs
Pain to mature.
Our willing needs
Resistance to become strong. – Rudolf Steiner

It is so heartwarming during these complex times that despite all of the recent changes in staffing, the school has been able to settle into a familiar rhythm, with the mood in the playgrounds being positive and harmonious as we close the week.

We are in awe of our wonderful Staff who have risen to the recent challenges with flexibility and goodwill, and we give our appreciative thanks and gratitude to all our Staff who are working hard at present to keep the Goodship CBRSS on a steady course.

As always, our students inspire and bring us joy every day. In recent days, strolling through the grounds, there are children making fairy houses made of mud and flowers near Class Two, imaginative games under the shade of the trees, games of handball in the dome, energetic Tips games on the field, soccer in the Cola, and smaller children walking by with their teachers, hats bobbing. Class 5 students have been rehearsing their Greek Play, ‘Taverna’, with gusto and the merry sounds of their dancing and music-making are in the air.

Other wonderful happenings this week include the Tobias projects of Class 8! The standard of work somehow gets even better each year and this year it was exceptional. Students unveiled their year-long project, ranging from an exquisitely illustrated picture book to handmade jewelry, original music to body care products, a treehouse to a computer game, honey to a hand-carved desk, and much more. The students set up beautiful displays to showcase their projects in the Hall and addressed an audience of Class 7 about the trials and tribulations of their project journey; and the Class 4, 5 and 6 students enjoyed walking through and looking at the amazing displays too. Seeing the fruition of the students’ work is always inspiring and a joy for all in the high school.

Year 10 completed their first set of formal exams, working conscientiously to complete their Stage 5 courses. Next week they move into the special program, where they will do their final Main Lesson: The Rhythms of Time, as well as doing a range of activities from First Aid to a public speaking course to bushwalking. Year 12 is humming along in their HSC exams, turning up for each one – sometimes two in one day – with an attitude of always doing their best and supporting one another. We are so proud of their resilience and focus. Year 11 students are embracing leadership roles, in volunteering to assist in the Year 10 exams, rehearsing to sing with Loani and Ian at the Class 12 graduation and in nominating themselves for House Leadership positions.

In the best possible ways, our wonderful school is supporting a teaching and learning environment that is feeling rich, alive and positive. We are grateful for the supportive contributions of the whole school community near and far, as we move towards the warmer days of Summer and contemplate the closing of another very full and unique school year.

Best and warm wishes

Paddy and Teera