From the Co-Heads of School

May my soul bloom in love for all existence. – Rudolf Steiner

All the flowers, of all the tomorrows, are in the seeds of today.

At this time of year, as the cold of winter gradually moves away, we feel the warmth of spring bringing a mood of new beginnings. These particular times in the season of new beginnings have not been easy, new beginnings never are. Even so, we are warmed and affirmed by contributing to, sharing and observing how our wonderful school community continues to accomplish amazing things, even though we have not been able to be present altogether on our beautiful school site.  The way in which we come together in both our work, play and interactions day to day, adds to the continuation of supporting and developing a school where what we do today, plants the seeds that come to life in the times that follow.

In feedback from our Teachers, Guardians, Students and Parents in recent weeks, we have heard anecdotes that have warmed our hearts and given us cause to reflect on and feel grateful for what we share together as a school community.

And now, it feels somewhat odd and also exciting that Students and teachers will return back to school on site for the last week of Term 3. We will all have much adjusting to do in moving back into the mode of being together in person in a full class of students again. 

Our grateful, appreciative thanks to our dedicated, necessarily tireless and particularly agile teachers – Kindergarten to Class 12 – who are willing, able and skilled in working in an educational environment of constant change, that is being determined from afar. 

Again, and thankfully, it is time for our whole school community to prepare for the approaching time of well-earned rest…and to collectively breathe out and relax deeply…

May your holidays be happy, safe and filled with lovely, long unscheduled days of rest and rejuvenation, care for others, care for self and enjoyed with family and friends – in person!!!

With Kind thoughts and good wishes

Teera and Paddy