From the Co-Heads of School

We give thanks for the blessing of Winter.
Season to cherish the heart
To make warmth and quiet for the heart
To make soups and broths for the heart
To cook for the heart and read for the heart
To curl up softly and nestle with the heart
To sleep deeply and gently at one with the heart
To dream with the heart
To spend time with the heart
A long, long time of peace with the heart
We give thanks for the blessing of winter
Season to cherish the heart

By Michael Leunig

Some of the treasured qualities that are embedded, having been woven into the foundational fabric of our wonderful Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School many years ago, can often be observed day to day, but not necessarily recognised, as part of our school’s special, enriching uniqueness. 

Courage, Creativity, Inspired Thinking, Innovation, Flexibility, Resilience, Integrity, Optimism, Passion, Responsibility and Trust, are just a few of our treasured qualities.

Over the many years as the school has journeyed through thick and thin, through times of challenge and triumph; it is these treasured qualities that have, and continue to carry, our wonderful Teaching and Support Staff in navigating the course of the school, all the while supported by the wisdom of our founding elders, whose vision has blossomed into our present beautiful school, journeying steadily towards the future…

And so, as we reflect on our closing Term 2, in a general mood of uncertainty in the wider world, it seems that now more than ever, we need to look to our school’s treasured qualities as shining beacons we can trust and depend on to guide us…

And as always, our CBRSS community has so much to feel grateful for….

  • Our Friday Markets recommencing and allowing for catchup time, connection (and fundraising for classes).
  • The sharing of Winter warmth and light, allowing for each of our 370 K-12 students to have a parent join them during our week of Winter Festivities.
  • Our Class 4 & 5 String Orchestras who performed beautifully for their appreciative parent audiences.
  • The sharing of our Class 9 & 10 Elective Showcase with a highly impressed parent audience, who savoured an amazing evening of music, drama, design & technology and visual arts exhibitions, and nibbles. 
  • Welcoming our Class 11 students back from their Kakadu Camp in the Northern Territory last week…
  • And this week, with a huge sense of relief, we welcomed our Class 12 back from their Kakadu Camp, having successfully worked their way around the recent Darwin Lockdown complications, to make it safely back to NSW! (This was a catch up camp for Class 12, as they missed out on their Kakadu Camp last year.)

For many, we know that holiday plans have already been altered and disappointments are in the air. On the bright side, this is a wonderful opportunity to practice the art of ‘reframing’. In reframing a situation, you can help your family focus on the positive rather than negative details of a disappointment; knowing that the way we as adults choose to see a situation, has a profound effect on how we and our children experience it and on family wellbeing.

And most wonderfully, now is the time for a little ‘cosiness of the soul’; a lovely few weeks of Hygge! These chilly Winter days ‘in’ are perfect for family time with lots of cozying around, being present together in the moment and practicing ‘we-fullness’ – so restorative for heart and soul. 

We hope the term break holds your family safe and sound and allows for some lovely days of rest and rejuvenation close to home.

With warm wishes

Paddy & Teera