From the Co-Heads of School

Winter night, stars shining bright
And on a Winter’s morning, frost on the ground
Stars all around, heaven’s glow foretelling…
No dark we fear, the light is here,
Sun in our hearts aglow,
No dark we fear, the light is here and ever it is so…

And so it is with days shortening and the longer nights growing chilly, that we begin to really feel Mid-Winter is near… All around the school, preparations are being made, in making story, song, music, verse, lantern and light, in celebration of the longest night.

During our initial planning conversations in which we reflected on last year’s Winter Festival, we realised that one of the ‘gifts’ of Covid, was the beauty and quiet experienced by our High School students in walking the spiral, and lighting their candles, with such presence and reverence. And so, in particular, in what is proving to be another unique year, our collective focus and intention is to again design our Winter Festival in a mood of reverence that will allow for quiet reflection and harmonious depth for all. In holding this intention and our wish to invite parents as central; we also needed to minimise the possibility of cancellations that could arise due to Covid incidents out of our control. Hence, in a similar way to last year, we have planned a number of more intimate festivities spaced over several days around the Winter solstice. We are particularly pleased that whereas last year we were unable to include any parents in the Winter Festival, this year each student will have a family member able to join them.

In other news, please do read closely the information below from Mat and Jon in our ICT Department regarding the importance of our Parent App, and how to access our new photo archive system through the Parent App.

Warm wishes

Paddy & Teera