From The CBRSS Parents and Friends Association (P and F)

On Monday, October 26 the P and F had the privilege of hosting a very special guest speaker, Lisa Devine, via zoom from Sydney. Lisa’s one hour presentation entitled, ‘From Resignation to Regeneration – Fostering enthusiasm for life as a healing force in an anxious world’ was recorded for those who were unable to attend and we would recommend it to parents with children of all ages. It is an uplifting conversation reflecting on our current times and it contains beautiful gems of anthroposophical wisdom. Lisa refers to Steiner Schools being an oasis for social transformation and a place where students can ‘breathe out’.

We recommend that all CBRSS parents take some time to listen to this presentation as Lisa is highly regarded in the Steiner community and has gentle suggestions for ways we can navigate through these challenging times. Available exclusively through the CBRSS parent App, please look for this recording under links, it is called Lisa Devine talk.