From the Acting Principal

Greetings to all

It was so lovely to welcome everyone back to school last week and to see parents, students and staff exchanging morning greetings, looking rested, refreshed and ready to begin Term 2 together. Interestingly, many teachers commented on how so many of their students had noticeably grown over these holidays. It is truly amazing how much children can grow and change in a few brief weeks and how time away allows us to more easily observe such growth!

And so…. the great wheel of the year continues to turn and with Autumn days growing shorter and the coming of longer nights and chilly mornings, as always, our school community has a variety of events to attend and much to celebrate.
Along with our warmly anticipated Winter Festivals and our annual Bush Dance, we are also excited to be hosting a very special Centennial Ball, in celebration of 100 years of Steiner Education. This will be a wonderful 1920’s themed evening and tickets can now be booked online – please see booking and other details in the post further on in this Bulletin.

As we collectively share in the school’s calendar of events, our school community continues to develop and strengthen; such strengthening is also supported through offering parent education opportunities.

This term, Melanie Deefholts is presenting to parents at individual class evenings from Kindergarten to Class 6 and in some High School classes too. In each of her presentations to class parents, Melanie will speak about the specific developmental stages in connection to the year level, and how parents can best be prepared to understand and support their children in this process as they journey with their class and teacher. Melanie is an experienced parent educator who speaks with clarity and always brings a fresh and insightful perspective; we hope you will be able to join us on these evenings!

In addition to parent evenings, Eurythmy classes for parents continue with Susan Gould on Wednesday mornings from 9 am until 10 am in the Movement Room and beginners are welcome.

Other events to note include, our Repair Care & Maintenance day on May 18, which conveniently coincides with the election and our school being a polling booth, and the Pupil Free Report Writing Day on the 11th of June.

I’d like to remind our school community to be safe and considerate drivers on the local Ewingsdale roads and in our school car park; particularly in the mornings and afternoons when students and parents are arriving and leaving.

Duty teachers often need to caution or stop young children who run ahead of their parents when leaving school in the afternoons. I bring to your attention a Pedestrian Road Safety Tip advising that adults should hold hands with children when crossing roads until they are at least 10 years old.

So please do be mindful and vigilant in holding your child’s hand before you reach the drive-through lane in the school car park and be sure to stop and look for cars with your child, before beginning to cross the drive-through lane to reach your parked car.

In closing, we look forward to welcoming Nerrida back to school next week after her study leave and time overseas. It has been a pleasure to look after the school in her absence as Acting Principal and I really appreciate the support I have received from staff, parents and students.

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and cosy Term Two, as we journey together towards the longest night!

With thanks