From our German teacher Manuela

Liebe Eltern und Erzieher/innen! (Dear parents and caregivers!)

Just over a year ago I was given the privilege to teach German at this beautiful school. Every day I drive to school I catch myself smiling, feeling happy and looking forward to teaching the children a bit more of my mother tongue and culture. It is lovely to hear more and more children and adults use German in class and in the playground.

It feels so right for the children to learn Rudolf Steiner’s native language. He strongly advocated that children should learn foreign languages throughout their schooling and thus learn to understand and appreciate, rather than judge, others with foreign cultural and language backgrounds for being different.

Last week Class 7 thought deeply about the way we perceive the sounds some animals make. They, like most Australian children, ‘knew’ that dogs go ‘woof’ and roosters go ‘kockadoodledoo’. In contrast, German children, like me, grow up ‘knowing’ that dogs go ‘wow’ and roosters go ‘kickerickee’. By the way, the rooster I heard crowing the other day didn’t sound anything like either of these sounds and, just in case you wondered, cats go ‘miaow’ in both languages.

The children are currently learning about animals. They are planning to create collaborative class posters depicting imaginary class zoos which will be displayed at the Spring Fair.

Last term the children learned about nature and created some beautiful annotated posters. The attached photos are a small sample of their work. The children described with a high level of accuracy some of the natural things they like.

If you want to get in touch with me, please feel free to stop and talk to me when you see me around the school or send me an email via the office.
Viele Grüße (Warm regards)