Flexible RCM Hours

It is possible for some, Repair Care & Maintenance (RCM) Hours to be done during school time with Gavin.
If you ring (0427 847 400) & give me a couple of days notice I can arrange for some tasks to be done.
You can do a couple of hours when you drop your children off or before you pick them up.
It is sometimes possible that you could do the whole school day.
At the moment these are some tasks that can be done:

  • Paint PS Shoe Shelves
  • Oil Cl 4 Treehouse
  • Light Sand & Oil Timber Screens Silkwood Room
  • Install 2 Possum Nesting Boxes in Trees
  • Empty Out Clean & Organise HS Drama Shed
  • Lots & lots of weeding & mulching

Thanks, Gavin Colley.