We have many upcoming excursions for the school. It would be greatly appreciated if parents could read the information in the parent lounge (click on the paper clip) on details and what to bring for each excursion when you are accepting permission for your child to attend.
With many swimming events for both Primary and High School we request that you update medical details to reflect current swimming ability for your children. You may like to add dietary requirements as well under supplementary information (pictured).


For the diary
Class 1 & 2, 5 & 6 swimming lessons for the week starting Monday 21st of November.
Year 12 RRISK seminar (TAFE Kingscliff) on the 24th of November.
Classes 3 & 4 swimming lessons for the week starting 28th November.
Year 12 Spanish Beginners distance education seminar 30 November.
Year 12 Word Express 2 Seminar 2nd December
Class 5 Nature Day 2nd December
Entire High School beach carnival 7th December
Primary Classes 1-6 Swim Fun Day 14th December
Entire High School Wet’n’Wild Fun Day 15th December