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Why Make CBRSS the Educational Choice for High School?

There are many reasons why our High School is fast becoming one of the hardest schools to get into on the North Coast. Our full classes and long waiting lists at all levels demonstrate that we are providing a highly regarded and all-round education in a Steiner setting. As well as continuing a rich Steiner Main Lesson program to deliver the curriculum in Years 7 -10, we are also known for:

  •  a highly professional, energetic staff who are experts in and passionate about their subject areas. We have high expectations of our staff in the areas of student achievement, teacher- student relationships, parent connections and extra-curricular participation. A number of our staff are HSC Markers, giving students insight into ways to high achievement.


  • academic excellence resulting in students receiving high ATARs and extensive art, design and photography folios allowing entry into sought after universities and colleges. We currently have ex- students at many universities and colleges such as Melbourne University, RMIT, VCA, Monash, University of NSW, QUT, Southern Cross University and many others.


  • a diverse range of opportunities of completing High School years at CBRSS, including the formal HSC or a completing a range of subjects involving folio development and/ or TAFE and Distance Education courses.


  • emphasis on leadership development and opportunities for students to become leaders in local community events and organisations. 4 of our students are on the Byron Youth Council and other community groups.


  • wide variety of sporting events, experiences and teams to join that can lead to representation at regional and state level. Teams from CBRSS in netball and soccer play in weekly local sporting competitions.


  • renowned music program with strong links to local festivals and nationally successful acts, and selection in HSC Encore, the performance of the best HSC performances in NSW.


  • demonstrated high achievement in HSC Drama and HSC English Extension with recognition in being selected in Drama OnStage Exemplary Performances and Extension 2 Young Writers Voices Publication of the best writing in NSW  varied and exciting elective program delivered to Year 8 and 9 including Surf Lifesaving, Photography, Textiles, Blacksmithing, Visual Arts, Music, Circus Arts and many others. Electives change from year to year, depending on student interest.


  • strong Pastoral Care program with 2 Guardians at each year level and our Student Welfare Team to carefully transition students from Primary School into High School.


  • supportive behaviour management program well supported by the Student Behaviour Co-ordinator and the Deputy Principal. Our students know the boundaries and understand consequences for both positive and negative behaviour.


  • diverse and exciting camp program with experiences ranging from horse riding, sailing on the South Passage to Melbourne city experience and our Kakadu outback camp.


  • strong SRC (Student Representative Council) made up of students from every level meeting fortnightly to make suggestions, organise fundraising for a cause and advocate for student ideas and participation.


  • monthly assemblies where individual and group achievements are celebrated by their peers.


  • careers education including meetings with our Careers Advisor, work experience in Year 10 and guest speakers and excursions to assist in finding the right path after the end of Year 12.


  • a wonderfully cohesive group of students who participate regularly across all year levels in lunchtime activities such as table tennis competitions, chess club, choir, basketball and many other fun things to do…

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