In the High School, from the age of around 13 – 14 years, specialists in their field teach the students as they are challenged to awaken their capacity for rational judgment and thinking. The curriculum, linked to the National Steiner Curriculum and meeting the requirements of the NSW Educational Standards Authority, builds on and extends the subjects covered in the Primary School, unfolding a rich panorama of world and life through the sciences, arts, humanities and practical subjects.  Understanding arises through students wrestling with the questions they confront in the study of the different subjects.  This calls upon their independent judgement and stimulates original thinking. With their inner activity aroused in this way, students find their place in the world as they learn to know and work into it.  This is what gives them their ground for independence and frees them to follow a path into life that allows them to grasp and shape their future.


The High School Handbook contains further information about the high school, please click above to view the Handbook. More Handbooks relating to High School are available from the Forms & Downloads page