Easter at home

Easter in Rose Kindy

Easter Hare, Easter Hare come into my garden.

Hop, hop, hop, I’ve not got time to stop.

Easter on its way you know.

Gifts for all I have to go!

Hop, hop, hop

The children of Rose Kindy continue to share the magic of Kindergarten in their homes. As our term ended, families were busily preparing to bring the gift of Easter to life and forever etching these beautiful memories into their children’s hearts. Easter baskets were painted and constructed in preparation of Easter hunts, nature tables lovingly created, hot cross buns baked on Good Friday and felted eggs rolled. Easter songs and an Easter story of the True Easter Hare shared. This term, we continue to relive the spirit of Easter by sharing a story of a Rabbit with magical ears.

Pransky Success!

A three hour epic craft bonanza took place on Zoom for a group of Class 6 students with some great results.

Der Osterzopf by Harry (Year 7)

Harry shared some photos with his German teacher Manuela before Easter. 

Harry baked ‘Der Osterzopf’ from page 27 of his Katzensprung textbook! Harry reported that ‘It was good.’