Dustyesky at the Opera House

Two full houses. Two standing ovations. We men of Mullumgrad sang for 3000 people at the Sydney Opera House. That’s nuts! Everyone went home smiling and humming Kalinka and Ochy Chornye. Young, old, and so many Russians! It was such a buzz. Like winning a grand final with your best mates. We did it like an ordinary gig. Like we’ve been doing for 7 years. Swainski has trained us hard, taken us to new levels. We sang better than ever. Ben Blay started the show with a solo for the Song of the Volga Boatmen. Gutsy! Did it like a pro – we so proud of him. Gully and Joa sang Monotonously like the angels we are not. Chris Mallory brought the crowd to their feet on with Ochy Chornye. We made the audience to stand for the Soviet National Anthem. 1500 people on their feet at the Opera House, hats off, is a sight we’ll never forget. We paused for a moment to take it all in. Everyone brought together in this magical, unlikely moment, united in music. Spine tingling. We so happy and grateful to everyone who has made this madness possible. Spasibo. Davai! We sleep now. Dustyesky. Photos: Kirra Pendergast – terrific job, thank you from all of us.

Story by Mark Swivel