COVID19 – Moving Forward

As we end Term 2, we are constantly looking to ‘what comes next’ with our life during COVID.  The School is always on the task of keeping updated on where our movements as a community may be relaxing as we progress.

In line with recent updates received by our independent sources, we are hoping to be able to relax a few restrictions for the school in Term 3. If all continues to go well in the Byron Shire during and following the school holiday period in regard to Covid-19, we hope the school will be able to ease the following restrictions, which may include recommencing:

  1. After-school activities such as: Drama with Judy and sport training i.e. Basketball 
  2. School sport including activities such as contact sport and carnivals 
  3. School Assemblies 
  4. A limited provision Canteen service 
  5. Repair Care & Maintenance tasks (Individually arranged with Gavin – Site Manager)

The restrictions that need to remain in place in Term 3 will be as follows:

  1. No Excursion and Camps
  2. No on-site events such as Spring Fair or Friday Markets
  3. No Repair Care & Maintenance Days with large numbers of parents
  4. No Parents on CBRSS site unless collecting a child from an approved year level (Kindergarten & Class 1 only ) or in an emergency

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support and for acknowledging the School’s guidelines around keeping our community safe.  The staff and parents of CBRSS have done an outstanding job of caring for our school through the pandemic.