Compassion and Forgiveness

Brian is a wonderful, warm and articulate presenter with vast Anthroposophical knowledge, he has been an invaluable resource for the CBRSS study group “SoL Circle” since it began in 2015 and we would all recommend this video as a must-watch. This has been a favourite video of mine for a long time and every time I watch it I gain a deeper insight on how to work with compassion and forgiveness, may we all develop such capacities within ourselves to the fullest as the world has great need of it! Yvette 

( Gray is a Founding Member of Wise Cosmos Educational Initiative and is its current President of the Board of Directors.  Brian is a teacher, lecturer, and writer on many topics drawn from Anthroposophy – the work of Rudolf Steiner.  He loves to share research from the realms of star wisdom, biography, cosmology, Waldorf Education, sacred architecture, and esoteric Christianity. Brian was a core faculty member at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California for 38 years, and also served as RSC’s Director of the Foundation Program from 1991-1998, and again from 2006-2016.

Wisecosmos Educational Initiative has a wonderful website offering videos on a range of Anthroposophical topics, both paid and free options are available. Please visit their website for inspiration

From Youtube about this video: Brian Gray of Rudolf Steiner College traces how longing, suffering and self-involvement can gradually be re-directed toward interest in and understanding of others, compassion, forgiveness and love. Irène Francois introduces Brian Gray and Robert McDermott of CIIS. These talks were given at the San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Education Program of Rudolf Steiner College, on March 31, 2012.

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