What is the Parent App?
Our new parent app has been built specifically as a central hub for communications from the school to our parent community and for parents to manage their accounts here at the school. This free software can be run on an iPhone, iPad or Android smart phone.

Some of the things parents can do from the app include;

  • Receive push notifications that may contain urgent information from the School
  • Notify the school of student absences and acknowledge past absences
  • View student calendars to see what events and classes are coming up
  • Access Parent Lounge to approve excursions
  • Make School Fee payments
  • Update contact information or medical information
  • Notify the school of any upcoming absentee days
  • View Photo Archives from your Class

Start using the Parent app

If you haven’t started using the parent app yet, start here. We have some simple steps to help parents get the app installed and setup.

Accept Excursions in Parent app

This short video will demonstrate the process for accepting school excursions with the Parent App.

Reporting Student Absence

Find out how to enter students absences into the Parent App.

Acknowledging Student Absence

If the school is not notified of a student absence, a Parent or Guardian is required to acknowledge the absence. Find out how this is acknowledged in the Parent App.

Updating Student Medical Records

Parents can update students medical details, add supplementary information (dietary) and set the student swimming level – all via the Parent app.

Updating Student Address Details

It is important that the school has the correct address details for parents and students. Use the Parent app to check what details we have on file and update them.

Paying School Fees

Parents can view their current account balance and make secure online payments – all via the Parent app.

Parent Directory Sharing

Parents can opt in to share their contact details with other parents in the students Year Group. Use the Parent app to update your sharing settings.

General Details

The General Details section is where Parents can edit their education, employment and language information. This is information is required for government reports.

Viewing the Photo Archive

Find out how to view your Class Photo Archive in the Parent App.