Spring Fair

Each year the school opens its grounds to children, parents, teachers, friends, locals and visitors alike and invites them to join together to celebrate the return of Spring with a day of music, fun, food and festivities.

The Spring Fair is also well known for the Song Writers’ Competition. The competition has already identified young talent and helped them gain experience, exposure and advice from leaders in the music industry. The Song Writers’ Competition attracts interest each year from the region’s aspiring young song writers. Be sure to come and support local young talent on the day

The Spring Fair also offers the much loved craft stalls and activities, famously wholesome food, a huge silent auction, and a range of live music performances, from Rock to orchestral, from our school and the wider region.

An exhibition of our student’s work is set up at the Spring Fair. The school and wider community are invited to see the students’ work displayed in all its beauty and academic brilliance.  It is also an exhibition in which the wider community can witness our curriculum outcomes.  Through visual displays of student’s work and musical performances, everyone can follow the journey of growth and development of a child (and a class) from Kindergarten to Year 12.  Teachers may need help from parents to set up the display.  The school newsletter will inform you of open day dates and details of how you can help.

Throughout the year the four seasons, Easter, Christmas and other festivals are celebrated with the children to focus on the rhythms within nature, within us and in the outer world. The celebration and reverence for the festivals weaves through the children’s work.

Autumn Festival 2022

Autumn and the Michaelmas Festival

March 21 is the midpoint between the Southern Hemisphere’s summer and winter solstices, it is also known as the autumn equinox and for us, it is when the festival of Michaelmas is celebrated. Michaelmas is the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel. The Archangel Michael is one of the principal angelic warriors, seen as a […]

Throughout the year we fulfil the common tasks and duties of daily life and at the times of a festival we turn our attention to the links which bind us with eternity. And although daily life is fraught with many a struggle, at these times a feeling awakens within us that above all the strife and turmoil there is peace and harmony.

Rudolf Steiner