Classes 9 & 10 VA Elective – Sculpture and Ceramics

Portraits in clay were sculpted by the students in the sculpture elective in Term 1 by students of Classes 9 and 10. Working from a 2D picture into a 3D form is challenging and the face is only one of 5 hands that make up the total space of the head – so a lot of hair to cover the skull and only a relatively small area to create the features of the face. Gesture and mood was emphasised. Ceramics in Term 2 was a mixture of handmade work and students learning to use the potters’ wheel. Centring the clay takes a student into the centre of themselves where there is the still centre of the turning world… only then can a bowl or cup or vase be magically thrown. Students loved this challenge. The work was decorated using underglaze colours and a clear glaze over the top.
Like the bodies and brains of these young 14, 15, and 16-year-olds, clay is a wonderfully malleable, forgiving material but it never forgets how it was treated, made and formed – such is the importance of a well rounded educational experience, especially with all these elective options that students can choose from.

Teacher Denis Hopking.