Class 6 News

Here are some poems and prose composed by some Class students, as part of our recent exploration of the Wonder and Wisdom of Words.

by Tonali Davies
The Arctic is like a cold enchantress,
An old woman at the end of the earth.
She sits silent, watching, forever watching.
She watches the bears, white on the snow.
She watches the seals as they come and they go.
She watches, waits the whole year round.
The northern lights are her crown
And her feet, deep deep down.
Below the sea, ice shrinks and grows
And in her heart of ice she knows,
That she will wait for a thousand years.
In the ice locked are her tears.

Creative stimulus writing
by Marlon
The sea was rough and the Golden Bell was tossed around like a toy in a bath. The day the storm exhausted itself calm as calm. There was a soft breeze and the ship rocked gently back and forth. All the crew were exhausted after what they had been through the night before. But little did they know, under the ocean something stirred. The storm had woken it from a long sleep and now it was awake. And hungry.

by Quin
The moon is like a lonely diamond in the sky.
The wind is like a mother hushing her child.
A sunflower is like the sun.
A dandelion is like a small mammal curled up on a stem.
A pine tree is like a tall man reaching out his arms.
A field of tulips is like the ground after a battle.
A flower bed is like a school for flowers.
The creak of trees is like a newly born baby’s cry.

We Give Thanks
by Ayla
We give thanks to all the animals,
Big and small,
Short and tall,
The fluffy and scruffy,
The spiky and soft,
The cute, the scary
They’re all the same
They have a purpose
Since the day they came.

A Letter from the Earth
by Coco
Dear people,
I just wanted to remind you to always tread lightly and think deeply. Just like you have a sponge when you have a shower to clean yourself, you feel like a sponge when you swim in my ocean. When you climb in my trees and bushes it’s like a comb running through my hair. When you place your bare feet on the ground it’s like a massage that goes on forever. I hope it will stay this way where you people are forever preening and making me a queen.
From the Earth, your source of life.

Moon Light
by Coco
The moon is an orb strung high in the sky
Surrounded by velvet as black as the night.
The velvet is studded with diamonds so bright
They twinkle and sparkle like jewels in the night.
The planets are lonely and really quite far.
They’re actually thoughts lost up in the stars.
If you look on rare nights the moon is a ruby
Engulfed in velvet, black and blue.