Class 6 News

Class 6 Main Lesson 
This year in term 2 and 3, Class 6 have been learning about Physics, Acoustics, Optics, Warmth and Magnetism. We have explored multiple different experiments including what hot and cold do to substances and materials, how heat travels and what creates heat. For the experiment showing what hot and cold do to substances we had 4 people. Two people put their hands in ice cold water and the other two in warm water. They all tried tying their shoelaces and had a race to see who could tie their shoelaces the fastest. The warm water team beat the cold team. The warm team’s time was 7-8 seconds and the other was 17-24 seconds.

Another experiment was when we poured some food dye into hot and cold water. The dye in the cold water kept its beautiful pouring shape and the dye in the hot water dissolved very quickly and evenly in the water.
Physics is fun!

Malia and Isla

The Writers Festival

Last week on the 31st of July we went to the Writers Festival. We listened to Isabelle Carmody and John Flannagan talk about their experiences as children’s authors.
Isabelle Carmody is the author of The Little Fur Series, stories about a loving little elf-troll who cares for her animal companions. Isabelle has also written many other books, one of which included 1000 pages!! Isabelle told us stories about her family and childhood. She talked about her daughter and how she inspired her for many stories. Isabelle Carmody was inspiring and interesting and I think the whole class enjoyed listening to her.
We also heard from John Flannagan the author of the well known Ranger’s Apprentice Series. He told us that his are published in 12 different languages in 25 different countries! We were all very impressed. It was a great day