Class 5 Greek Olympics

What a wonderful day was had by all at the 11th Annual Greek Olympics last Thursday!

Our Class 5 gathered with Class 5 from Chrysalis, Shearwater, Aetaomah and Casuarina Steiner schools in Brunswick Heads early on Thursday morning. The day started with a grand opening ceremony in honour of the Gods, in which every school presented a song or dance, before parading the field with their glamorous city state banners. The gods and goddesses were very pleased with the grace, beauty and willing enthusiasm with which the children performed in each event that day, including the standing broad jump, wrestling, discus, javelin and running.
Many big thanks to all of the gods and goddesses (parents and helpers) who took time out of their busy godly schedules to help the day run so spectacularly! And of course, a giant thank you to the grand Zeus (Ric), without whom the games could not take place!
And finally, well done to Class 5 for hosting and participating in the event with such honour, respect, beauty and grace!

Bethanie & Teera