Class 4 play

Class Four performed their play ‘The Theft of Thor’s Hammer’ for families and friends last Thursday night. There were plenty of gruff and noisy giants stomping around the amphitheatre stage singing their dreary and grim songs of victory, having stolen the mighty hammer from the Thunder God Thor. The Gods of Asgard were in great peril and made impassioned speeches advocating peace or war, until the cunning Loki came up with a novel and humorous idea to retrieve it.
As the audience started laughing the actors became more confident in their comical characterisations and we saw some strong performances and what can only be described as ‘hamming it up’ for the crowd. With a finale that included a strings performance and the singing of a favourite Viking song, the audience left with warm hearts and sore cheeks from all the smiling. Many thanks to Jude for her brilliant work.